Coffee: All You Need to Know


  • Natasha Ijaz WUM
  • Maryam Sardar
  • Hafiza Sana Mehak



Coffee, Caffeine, Chlorogenic acid, Diterpenes, Beneficial, diabetes mellites, cardiovascular disorders, cancer, anti-oxidant


Effect of coffee consumption on human health has always been under debate. This study is an effort to summarize all possible outcomes of coffee consumption on human health including both positive and negative effects. The most common benefits of coffee consumption include the increased agility and mood stability. It has been reported to lower the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, CVDs, various types of cancer including hepatic cancer, metastatic prostate cancer, colon cancer, malignant melanoma and endometrial cancer, some neurodegenerative disorders such as. Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis as well as general and cause-specific mortality and improves the musculoskeletal activity. Coffee is rich in pharmacologically active components including caffeine and caffeic acid which exhibit excellent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-malarial activity. Coffee is also known to influence a person’s life span as it has inverse relation with telomeres length. It also prevents from gallstone formation. Most commonly reported negative effects of coffee consumption on human health are heartburn, diuresis and addiction. Pregnant and post-menopausal women are also advised to cut short the use of coffee. Overall, coffee has a great number of health protecting effects on humans resulting in less hospitalization and less mortality.



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Ijaz, N., Sardar, M., & Mehak, H. S. . (2021). Coffee: All You Need to Know. FRONTIERS IN CHEMICAL SCIENCES, 2(1), 1-17.