Oxidation of Some Dihydropyridine Derivatives Via Different Methods


  • Ansa Madeeha zafar
  • Mussarat Jabeen Govt. Sadiq College Women University Bahawalpur
  • Noreen Aslam
  • Saima Anjum
  • Abdul Ghafoor
  • Misbah ul-Ain Khan




Dihydropyridine, Hantzsch reaction, oxidation, pyridine, carbonylic


Three different methods were used for the oxidation of dihydropyridines into pyridine derivatives. In two methods dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) was used as solvent and catalyst as well whereas in third method bleaching powder was used. All the three methods are found efficient for the oxidation purpose. The yields obtained was moderate to good (25% to 64%). By oxidation methods, we synthesized ten derivatives which were characterized by different available spectroscopic techniques like mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic spectroscopy (1H & 13C) and elemental analysis. From this data it was confirmed that in all oxidative derivatives –NH peak disappeared in proton NMR spectra.



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Ansa Madeeha zafar, Jabeen, M., Noreen Aslam, Saima Anjum, Abdul Ghafoor, & Misbah ul-Ain Khan. (2021). Oxidation of Some Dihydropyridine Derivatives Via Different Methods. FRONTIERS IN CHEMICAL SCIENCES, 2(2), 117-131. https://doi.org/10.52700/fcs.v2i2.22