A Comprehensive Review: Drug Interactions and Polypharmacy


  • Dua Fatima
  • Faiza Waseem
  • Tehseen Riaz
  • Irfan Bashir
  • Tooba Mehboob




Polypharmacy; Polymorbidities; Dadar Method; Drug Interaction


The aim of our study is to identify the drug interactions due to polypharmacy. A medication interaction happens when the impact of one medication is changed in the presence of other. The effect of interfacing drugs can be controlled securely without
causing any harm to the patient through cautious checking and dose change. Polypharmacy is portrayed as "the utilization of various medicines or potentially the combination of a greater number of prescriptions that are clinically prescribed, leading
to superfluous medication use. Polypharmacy includes the number of medicines taken by the patient, the provision of at least one wrong medicine, or a combination of both, which can expand the danger for adverse medication occasions, underutilization of
drug, and redundancy of medication. Polypharmacy Management is an entire framework approach that upgrades the consideration of multimorbid patients through amplifying advantage while decreasing the dangers of improper polypharmacy. The review and assessment of prescription is an intercession that should be ordinarily performed by clinical drug specialists to improve the drug therapy results, medicine’s adverse impact and guaranteed the use of ideal prescription. There should be a proper and strong role and communication of physicians, pharmacists, and patients in society, especially in developing countries. The potential risk factors should be identified, like the interaction of diet with the drug therapy so that adverse reactions can be identified and avoided.



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Fatima, D., Waseem, F., Riaz, T., Bashir, I., & Mehboob, . T. . (2022). A Comprehensive Review: Drug Interactions and Polypharmacy. FRONTIERS IN CHEMICAL SCIENCES, 3(2), 1-9. https://doi.org/10.52700/fcs.v3i2.56