An Overview of Toll Like Receptor in Cardiovascular Disease


  • Asif Shahzad
  • Shoukat Hussain
  • Qurat-ul-ain Shahzad
  • Abdul Karim
  • Rizwan Mehmood
  • Muhammad Faheem
  • Anam Niamat
  • Salman Azam
  • Nazima Anwaar
  • Amreen Aftab



Atherosclerosis, Ischemia/ Reperfusion, Myocarditis, Remodeling, Toll-like receptor


The study of the TLR (Toll-like receptor) family has progressed our knowledge of the intrinsic insusceptible framework. The familiar resistant of microorganisms' constitutive and protected substances is the reason for intrinsic insusceptible response.  Similarly, TLRs can be blocked by damaging substances. Favorable to provocative cytokines are created when TLRs are actuated by microbial or have determined mixtures that can be valuable or unsafe to the host. TLRs are found in an assortment of organs, including those of the cardiovascular framework, notwithstanding invulnerable cells. This review takes a gander at the job of TLRs in septic cardiomyopathy, viral myocarditis, there is a lack of knowledge not only about the role of clear to the TLRs in starting and coordinating homoeostatic processes inside the heart, but also about stressed actuated TLR enactment in cardiovascular framework tissues. As per mounting proof, TLRs might assume a part in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis, viral myocarditis, widened cardiomyopathy, heart allograft dismissal, and sepsis-actuated left ventricular brokenness.



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Shahzad, A. ., Hussain, S., Shahzad, Q.- ul- ain, Karim, A., Mehmood, R., Faheem, M., Niamat, A., Azam, S., Anwaar, N., & Aftab, A. (2022). An Overview of Toll Like Receptor in Cardiovascular Disease. FRONTIERS IN CHEMICAL SCIENCES, 3(2), 10-21.